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Mocht u interessante producten tegen komen welke u naar Nederland / Europa wil halen. Laat het ons weten! Wij hebben unieke distributie lijnen, met name in de USA, waardoor wij producten goedkoper naar Europa kunnen krijgen. U kan ons ook gerust benaderen als dit slechts om een item gaat. 

Some used items can´t be taken back for hygienic reasons. For example, earplugs and headphones and objects that are taken in the mouth or pressed against the lips can only be taken back if they are still in the seal packaging and have not been used.  

At Brassanovum we use the legal right of withdrawal If you purchase something from our store, you have the legal right to cancel your purchase within a certain period of time. This right to time for reflection is called the 'right of withdrawal'.
* Since 13 June 2014 you have the legal minimum of fourteen days to change your mind.
* If you need more time please inform us about this in advance.

* Are you submitting the product as a return within the legal cooling-off period of 14 days? Then these are the conditions:
* You will receive the full purchase amount as soon as possible (within 14 days after cancellation).
* We hereby opt for the same payment method with which you have paid yourself, in so far as this is technically possible. This amount includes any standard shipping costs for the forwarding.
* Note: the product may only be used (carefully) to check what kind of product it is, what its characteristics are and how it works. Has the product become less valuable because you used it in a different way? Then you only get a part of the purchase price back.
* If you buy a product that includes software, then the activation code of the software may not be used, unless this was necessary for the assessment of the hardware. If you have used the license while it was not necessary to assess the hardware, you must have the software 'cleared'.
This means that you can have the license reset by the software manufacturer, so that the code can be reused. If this is not done, we will charge € 50 for the release of the license. If the software is completely missing, the full value of the software will be charged.
* If you want to return a product that you had to assemble yourself, we advise you to return this product disassembled, so as you have received it. If you have not done this, we will unfortunately have to charge labor costs for dismantling the item.
* The day on which you register the return, (this can easily be done by mail,, must be within the 14-day period. (This is 14 days from the day after the date of delivery) Our return address is: Hoofdstraat 26, 5481AG, Schijndel, Netherlands.
* After submitting the product as a returning object, you have 14 days to return the product.
* Furthermore, the following products are excluded from return: Products that have been created based on your own specifications. For example cables that are cut to size. Software from which you have broken the seal. A software package may only be returned if it is still sealed. The original seal foil must therefore still be around it. If the software package is already open, we will send the product back to you. Returning opened software is only allowed if you have received approval for a Brassanovum. This approval is only given if, for example, you have received the wrong product.  
* Used items that cannot be taken for hygienic reasons. For example, earplugs and headphones and objects that are taken in the mouth or pressed against the lips can only be taken back if they are still in the seal packaging and have not been used.
* If a returned product does not meet the above conditions, we must unfortunately include a percentage on the purchase amount. How high the percentage will be depends on the price and the condition of the product. We will maintain a market-based percentage for this.


* Warranty has to do with products that are defective as a result of a manufacturing defect.
* A defective product that is still under warranty can be returned to us and repaired. This is both free if the defect is indeed the result of a manufacturing error.
* If a product is defective within 30 days of purchase (due to a manufacturing fault), then you are entitled to a direct exchange.       
* Do I still have a warranty on my product? You are in any case entitled to a legal guarantee. Legal guarantee means: a product must do what you (in all reason) can expect from it. There is no fixed legal deadline because one product lasts longer than the other. And is also dependent on the supplier. For example, there is a 5-year warranty on our K & M Music Stands If you want to know how long the guarantee is for the product you want to buy, please send an e-mail to
* The Guarantee itself is not transferable.

Almost every order at Brassnovum can be followed with a tracking number. For most carriers this is called the Track & Trace code. When we send your order, we will send you a tracking number via e-mail. With this tracking number you can follow your package.
* If you get this code in the evening or at night, you can only use it the next morning.
* No tracking number? Look in your 'Unwanted mail' or 'Spam'.
* Only if a special courier comes to deliver your order, you will not receive a tracking number.